"Learn to Sail" Package
Student's learning will vary by individual but time-in-the-boat is a key to success.  
Students who complete the Novice Course and the two Advanced Courses have
developed the skills and confidence to skipper their own boat.  You will receive a fourth
course at no charge as an incentive to reaching your sailing goal.

Racing School
The Racing Program covers five elements, including Preparation, Pre-Race Maneuvers,
Starting, Upwind Legs and Downwind Legs. Each element involves organization,
strategy, and hands on experience.  This course requires two to three lessons to build
confidence and understanding.  We will boost the learning curve for the novice racer
and improve finishing positions for experienced sailors.

This course will help you organize the boat and crew members, building everyone's
confidence to enjoy this exciting element of sailing.     We cover the set up of the boat,
crew responsibilities and pre-hoist preparation.  Then proceed to the spinnaker hoist and
drop procedures.  You will practice spinnaker sail trim and jibing maneuvers.  Students
alternate roles gaining experience as foredeckman, cockpit sheet trimmer and helmsman.
SML Sailing School has designed a new course to help casual sailors prepare for the
great adventure of sailboat racing.  This course will prepare you to meet the
expectations of a racing skipper so you can jump on board a boat as crew and perform
the tasks required to sail the boat around the race course.  Race course configuration,
elements of the race, trimming sail, racing rules, and on-water experience trimming sail
and practicing racing manuevers are included.

The Boats
 SML Sailing School sails on a J24 Sloop, Laser Sailboats, and the Tanzer 16... or if
you have your own boat we can coach off your dock.
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