This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the principles of sailing and
boat handling with an emphasis on safety.
We begin with basic seamanship including sailing terms, navigation, right of way,
docking and line handling.  Students learn about the interaction of the wind with the
boat and sails.  We proceed to rigging the boat and head out for hands on boat handling
on the water.  Students alternate steering and trimming sails. The Novice Course
requires four to five hours of instruction.

Advanced Sailing
This course builds on the experience and knowledge gained in the novice course.  We
begin with a review of the seamanship, right of way, and sailing elements , then
practice  individual boat handling and sail trim skills on water.  You learn more about
sail controls, wind indicators, crew responsibilities and communication.  Advanced
students may also experience an introduction to the elements of  the spinnaker sail.

Advanced Sailing - Lasers
Students who have demonstrated sailing skills on the J/24 may advance to sailing solo
on the Olympic Class Laser Sailboats or the Tanzer 16.  Students will practice boat
handling and sail trim, rounding inflatable marks,  docking and recovery, and get a first
taste of  sailing around a race course.
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